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How do I create a challenge on Count.It Journey?
How do I create a challenge on Count.It Journey?

You've got a group. Now it's time to launch a challenge, and add some rewards.

Updated over a week ago

On the new Count.It app, admins can create challenges for their group. To get started, click on the blue ➕ button on the bottom right of the group home screen.

Choose Your Goals

On the next screen, you can choose the goals that will determine the activities of your challenge, and set the difficulty. You may want to keep it simple and do a "Classic Steps" challenge — or you can broaden your challenge to include exercise, meditation, and more.

Tap through on any goal to learn more about it!

PRO Tip: In every Count.It challenge, participants earn points for the activity that they log, and the more points they earn, the farther they move along a virtual path. The goal is to make it to the finish 🏁, though there can prizes for hitting milestones along the way as well. When you choose your goal(s), you are setting the difficulty of your challenge. A 10,000 step per day challenge is twice as hard as 5,000 steps per day!

Dates, Title, Description!

On the next screens, you will set your challenge dates, and duration. If your challenge has a weekly repeating goal, you must set the duration in an even multiple of weeks.

Now give your challenge a name and (required) description. This is a good place to provide a simple overview of your challenge, and begin to get people excited!

Add Teams

If your challenge will have teams, just tap to start adding them now. You can also add them later if you like.

Add Rewards

Now it's time to add some rewards! Just tap to get started, and for all the details on adding rewards, please see: How do I create goals and rewards for my challenge?

Set Manual Entry Preference

On the next screen you can set your preference for manual data entry. This setting controls whether activity entered by users directly into their fitness apps will be counted in your challenge. The default setting is to include all logged activity, and we recommend this for most challenges, particularly those involving exercise. For full details, please see How do I turn on or off manual entries?

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