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How do I turn on or off manual entries
How do I turn on or off manual entries

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All of the fitness tracking apps supported by Count.It allow users to log activity in several ways:




Fully Automatic

No data input or action is required by the user.


Cycling (some trackers)

Swimming (some trackers)

Semi Automatic

The user selects the activity type and must press "Start" and "Stop" to log the activity.

Exercise (all types)


Manual Entry

The user selects the activity type and then must enter all relevant details including time, rep count, distance, etc.

Exercise (all types)


By default, Count.It accepts all activity logged by a user on a connected fitness tracker. However, some admins may wish to prevent users from logging activity manually, particularly in step challenges where activity can easily be logged automatically.

During challenge creation, Admins can change their manual entry preference to block manual entries, or simply to flag them. This setting is accessible via the challenge creation screen, and looks like this:

In most cases, we recommend leaving the manual entry preference set to "Count all logged activity." This is especially true for challenges involving exercise. Not all challengers have wearable devices, and many may prefer not to carry their phone during workouts. To get full credit, these challengers will need to enter their activity data after-the-fact.

For Classic Steps challenges with high value rewards and a risk of users "exaggeration," admins may wish to choose to block or flag manual entries.

Pro Tip: The manual entry setting can only be changed during challenge creation. Once the challenge has begun, this setting is no longer accessible.

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