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How do I run a challenge with teams?
How do I run a challenge with teams?

Learn how to add teams to your challenge and set up team goals and rewards

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Any Count.It challenge can include teams. On Count.It, group admins create teams, and challenge participants add themselves to those teams. Just like individuals, teams are displayed on the challenge path. While individuals have circular avatars, teams are represented by hexagons with a single team initial.

As a team's members accumulate points, their team progresses from the challenge start toward the finish.

Team Score

A team's score in a challenge is equal to the average of the scores of its members. Another way to say it: A team performs like the average of all its members.

Teams scores are updated dynamically any time any team member syncs new activity data.

Team Profile

Users can tap on a team icon to see the team stats as well as an "internal" leaderboard of its members—and each member's contribution to the team score.

(NB: Being on a team does not prevent a user from also showing up on their own on the challenge page.)

Creating Teams

Admins can add teams to a challenge when they create a challenge, or any time thereafter. On the create/edit challenge screen, simply tap the "Add" link in the teams section.

On the "Add Team" screen, add the team's name, and hit the "Save" button to add the team.

Create Team Goals & Rewards

Admins create team goals and rewards just as they goals and rewards for individuals or the group as a whole.

Next: For all the details on adding goals and rewards for teams, please see: How do I create goals and rewards for my challenge?

Joining Teams

Any challenge participant can join any team via the Challenge Info screen.

Next: For all the details on how a user joins their team, please see: How do I join my challenge team?

Coming Soon!

Initial support for teams was released in November 2023. A number of additional teams-related features will be coming in Q4 2023 as follows:



Admin manages team membership: Adds/removes members from teams.

Q4 2023

Challenge display: Users toggle on/off display of teams and people on the challenge path.

Q4 2023

Users can react to team performance with with emojis on team profile card

Q1 2024

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