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How do I create goals and rewards for my challenge?
How do I create goals and rewards for my challenge?

With a few clicks you can add goals and rewards for individuals, teams, or the entire group as a whole.

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On Count.It group admins add set goals and add rewards to a challenge via the Challenge Setup ⚙️ screen. You can add as many rewards as you like.

To get started, tap the "Add" link in the Teams section.

On the next screen, tap the "Select Type" dropdown, and choose whether your first reward will be for an Individual, Team, or for the Group as a whole.

Individual & Team Goals

For individuals and teams, there are a number of possible goals to achieve, and you can assign rewards to one or more of those goals:

  • Challenge Rank

  • Finish

  • Level 1-4

For example, you might add a reward for every individual or team who crosses the finish line, a.k.a. "Finish." You might also set up rewards for those whose final "Challenge Rank" was 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, or perhaps the same reward fo the "Top 3."

You can also assign rewards to levels, so there is something for people or teams who only make it part of the way.

Once you select the target goal, you can then add a reward description. Typical rewards can be gift cards, trophies, or even a free lunch. When done, click the "Save" button at the top of the screen.

Group Goals & Charitable Challenges

If you select the a "Group" reward, you will choose a target percentage of finishers. For example, setting the group target to 100% means that every challenge participant must cross the finish line to unlock the group prize.

Many groups like to assign a charitable donation "prize" to a group goal. For example, the admin may create a goal-and-reward as follows: "If 75% of us make it to the finish, Acme Corp. will give $500 to charity."

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