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How do Count.It challenges work?
How do Count.It challenges work?

All the nitty gritty on challenge activities, goals, points, goal points, and more!

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On Count.It, there are different types of challenges, involving different activities: Steps challenges, exercise challenges, meditation challenges — as well as combinations of all of the above.

Crossing the Finish Line

In all cases, if you have joined a challenge, you earn points for logging the challenge activities. The more points you earn, the farther you progress along the virtual "journey" path.

The first mission of any challenge is to earn enough points to cross the finish line in the allotted time. That said, the challenge does not end if you cross the finish line early, nor is it a bust if you don't make it all the way.

Everyone, including those who have crossed the finish line, continues to earn points until the challenge clock ticks to zero. SO, challenge leaders can battle for the glory of earning a top ranking, while everyone else just focuses on going as far as they can go in the given time.

To check how many points are required to cross the finish in a given challenge, tap the "i" icon on the main challenge screen to reveal the "Challenge Info" screen.

On the "Challenge Info" screen, you will see the "goals" for the challenge, as well as the total number of points needed to finish the challenge. You will also see a breakdown of the points you will earn for each activity. Here's a typical example:


The difficulty of a challenge is determined by the challenge goal(s). For example, here are two popular challenge goals:

  • Steps: 10,000 steps per day

  • Exercise: 30 minutes per day, 5 days per week

In creating a challenge, your admin can choose to include a single activity, or combine multiple activities into a "Combo" challenge.

Combo Challenges

Combo challenges come in two flavors:

  • Total Points: In a "Total" challenge, the mission is simple: Hit the total points target however you can before the challenge ends! Participants have flexibility in how much of one activity they log vs. another, and there are no daily or weekly targets for the activities.

  • Structured Goal Challenges: In "Structured Goal" challenges, each activity has specific daily or weekly targets. While participants earn points for any activity they log, they can earn additional "Goal Points" for consistently hitting the daily or weekly targets. For example, the "Zen1" combination goal includes specific goals for steps, exercise, and meditation:

More on Goal Points

As noted, in all challenges, everyone earns points for logging any challenge activity within the dates of the challenge. However, in structured goal challenges, you can earn additional "Goal Points." In any Count.It challenge with Goal Points turned on, "Activity Points" account for 80% of the points required to cross the finish line, and Goal Points are the last 20%.

Activity Points + Goal Points = Total Points to Finish

Bottom line: The most efficient way to cross the finish line is to hit your daily or weekly goals. If you fall behind, you will have to log more activity to catch up!

Learn More

For a break down of how different activities convert to points in different challenges, please see: How do activities convert to points in Count.It challenges?

Note to Challenge Admins: To request a new goal be added to our goals collection, please email us.

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