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How can I delete an inaccurate data point?
How can I delete an inaccurate data point?

If your fitness tracker is making you look too good or too bad, it's easy to set the record straight.

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Fitness tracking apps are great, but they do sometimes make mistakes. If your fitness tracker is reporting inaccurate activity for a given day, you can remove it from Count.It simply by deleting (or updating it) on your connected tracker. Once the data is deleted on your fitness app, the new value(s) will sync to Count.It. Please follow these two quicks steps to clean up the data point(s)!

  • Correct the Data on Fitness App: Open your connected fitness tracking app, and locate the activity that is incorrect. Different trackers have different methods for updating/deleting activity—see links below for detailed instructions—but all trackers will allow corrections. Once you have found the data point, simply tap to either delete or edit the activity data.

  • Refresh your Logs on Count.It: Once you have corrected the data point on your connected tracker, open your Count.It app, and tap the "manual sync" button on your challenge screen. This will force a full refresh of your activity logs going back 28 days.

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