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How do I connect my fitness tracker to Count.It?
How do I connect my fitness tracker to Count.It?

Count.It syncs directly to the most popular fitness and health apps.

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Your Count.It Journey app can automatically gather or "sync" data from the directly supported health apps: Apple Health, Fitbit, Google Fit, Android Health Connect, and Garmin Connect. Getting connected is easy and takes just a moment. Just follow the steps below.

  • Access Connection Settings:

    • Open the Count.It app, and go to the app’s main menu (represented by three horizontal lines at the top left of your group home screen.)

    • Look for an option like Connect Devices or Link Apps.

Tap on the Trackers option...

  • Connect to Fitness Platforms:

    • Select the fitness app associated with your tracker (e.g., Google Fit, Apple Health, Fitbit, or Health Connect).

    • Follow the prompts to log in and grant necessary permissions for Count.It to access your data from the selected platform

Example for Google Fit:

  1. Ensure Google Fit is Installed and Set Up:

    • Download and install Google Fit from the Google Play Store.

    • Sync your fitness tracker with Google Fit following the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

  2. Open Count.It App:

    • Open the Count.It app and navigate to Connect Devices.

  3. Connect to Google Fit:

    • Select Google Fit from the list of available platforms.

    • Log in to your Google account and grant necessary permissions.

  4. Verify Sync:

    • Check the Count.It app to ensure data from Google Fit (and thus your fitness tracker) is being displayed.

PRO Tips:

  • Count.It can sync via "one hop" connections to many more trackers. If your tracker is not directy supported, see here.

  • You can connect more than one fitness app! Count.It will not double count. Instead, if you have the same activity type recorded for the same day by two or more "data sources," Count.It will credit you with the data coming from the app that has the higher value or amount.

  • Count.It will never share or sell your data, and you can remove your account and delete your data at any time. For full details on how we handle you data, please see Your data and privacy on Count.It.

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