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How do I join my group or challenge?
How do I join my group or challenge?

You've been invited to a challenge on the Count.It app? Here's what to do!

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If you've been invited to a challenge on Count.It for the first time, you can be up-and-running (no pun intended) in just a few minutes. 😂 The first step is to join your "group," and then you can join the challenge.

PRO Tip: On Count.It, a "group" is typically a company, a corporate team, a non-profit, a school, or even a group of friends and/or family members. These groups run challenges, and they can run multiple challenges over time.

Download the Count.It app


..or tap...

On the opening screen, tap the Sign Up button

This is where the fun begins.

On the next screens, follow the prompts to create your user account

This takes less than a minute.

On the "Join a Group" screen, type or copy-and-paste your four digit group invite code.

Your group admin will have sent this to you. If not, ask them for it!

Finally, when prompted, tap to connect your native fitness tracking app.

Either the Health app for Apple iPhone users, or Google Fit for Android users.

Congrats, you're in the group! To join a challenge, there's one last step: When you land on your group's home screen, you will see a list of current (or past) challenges. To join a "live" challenge, simply tap the challenge, and then tap the "Join" button.

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