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How do I join my challenge team?
How do I join my challenge team?

If your challenge has teams, you can easily join one!

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Any Count.It challenge can include teams. On Count.It, group admins create teams, and challenge participants add themselves to those teams.

Just like individuals, teams are displayed on the challenge path. While individuals have circular avatars, teams are represented by hexagons with the team's initials.

As a team's members accumulate points, their team progresses from the challenge start toward the finish. A team's score in a challenge is equal to the average of the scores of its members. Teams scores are updated dynamically any time any team member syncs new activity data.

Finding & Joining Your Team

To join your team, first open the Challenge Info screen, by clicking on the "info" icon at the top right of the challenge screen.

On the Challenge Info screen scroll down. If your challenge has teams, you will see a "Teams" section. To see the list of challenge teams, tap the "Join" link, or right arrow.

On the Teams screen, simple tap a team to join or leave it.

That's it! When you tap on your teams avatar, you will now see your name listed as a team member.

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