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How do I cap my Premium user fees?
How do I cap my Premium user fees?

Have a limited budget, but not sure how many people will sign up? No problem!

Updated over a week ago

The Count.It Premium plans allow groups to pay only for what they use, i.e. a per user fee based on participants in active challenges. Groups pay at the end of each monthly billing cycle for activity in the prior month. By default, there is no limit on the number of challenge participants.

However, Admins who want to control their budget can place a cap on active challengers. Once a challenge hits the Active Challenger Cap, it's "sold out," and no other group members can join unless the admin increases the cap.

In this way, admins can manage their budget, and don't end up with "open ended" expenses. Setting the cap is easy:

  • On the web, go to Count.It and sign in to your Admin dashboard.

  • On the Group Info screen, tap on the Active Challenger Cap toggle.

  • On the pop-up dialog, set your challenger cap, and click on the Apply button.

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