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How do I upgrade to a Premium plan?
How do I upgrade to a Premium plan?

Quickly turn on Count.It Premium features, apply any promotional code, and more.

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You're ready to run a challenge with more than 10 participants, so it's time to upgrade to one of our Premium plans. Fab!

  • You must be a member of an existing group with admin privileges to upgrade your group to Premium.

  • Both Premium plans, Simple and Fancy, offer the same app features, but Premium Fancy comes with more support and payment options. See here to learn the differences.

Quick Video Overview


1.) Open your Count.It app, and sign in. On your group home screen, tap on the settings icon at the top right of the screen.

2.) On the Group Settings Menu, tap Account

3.) On the Account screen, you will see your current plan. Tap the plan name, or copy-and-paste the link just below to any web browser to go to your online admin dashboard.

4.) On your admin dashboard, tap the "Go Premium" button.

5.) On the Premium plans page, choose your plan. You can use the "price estimator" widget at the bottom of the page to estimate your cost. For more details on Premium, see here.

6.) On the checkout page, you can enter your credit card, or opt to pay by ACH or other method. If you have a coupon code, you can apply that here, by clicking the "Add Code" button.

All done! Once successfully upgraded, you will be able to add unlimited users to your challenge. Again, you pay nothing up front -- you will pay at the end of each month based on the actual membership of your active challenges. There are no silent recurring fees!

Changing payment method or canceling your plan

If you want to make any other changes to your plan, including updating your payment method, or canceling your Premium subscription, you can also do that on your web admin dashboard. As described above, simply visit the Group Settings --> Account screen on your Count.It app, and tap your plan name; or go to on the web, and tap the login link at the top right of the page.

PRO TIP: Keep in mind that, with Count.It Premium, you only pay when you run a challenge. So, whether you cancel the plan or not, you will not be charged unless you run another challenge — nor will we do anything else with your information! The idea is to make it easy for groups to return and run recurring or future challenges.

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