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How do I connect my Samsung Health to Count.It
How do I connect my Samsung Health to Count.It

You can sync Samsung Health via Health Connect by Android.

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Samsung users can easily connet their Samsung Health app to Count.It via the Android Health Connect app. Health Connect was launched by Google in May 2022. Available on most Android phones by default, it can also be downloaded for free, and it centralizes health and fitness data from various apps, allowing them to share and access information securely. To turn on and sync Samsung Health with Health Connect is easy. Just follow the steps below to get going.

1.) Check to see that your Samsung phone has the Health Connect app installed.

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  • Swipe up from the bottom of the home screen to open the app drawer.

  • Look for the Health Connect app icon in the list of apps.

  • If Health Connect is not on your phone, please download it from the Google Play store.

  • Before continuing, please also ensure that your Samsung Health, Health Connect, and Count.It apps are all up-to-date.

2.) Set Up Health Connect

  • Open Health Connect and follow the setup instructions, granting necessary permissions.

3.) Sync Samsung Health with Health Connect

  • Open Samsung Health.

  • Go to `Settings` > `Data and sync`

  • Select `Health Connect` and enable syncing, granting permissions as prompted.

4.) Sync Count.It with Health Connect

  • Open Count.It.

  • Navigate to the Trackers screen, and select `Health Connect`.

  • Enable syncing and grant permissions.

5.) Verify Sync

  • Check Health Connect to ensure Samsung Health data is displayed.

  • Check Count.It to confirm data is available.

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