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What is the new Count.It Premium?
What is the new Count.It Premium?

Read on to learn about the best deal in wellness.

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Count.It is the most advanced social wellness platform on the planet. A small team of mildly insane people have been working on it for years, and we've also come up with what we believe is pretty much the best deal in wellness:

  • Any group can run unlimited challenges, of any duration, with up to 10 active challengers FREE OF CHARGE.

  • Groups that want to run a challenge with more than 10 people can upgrade to Premium. Premium groups can run unlimited challenges of unlimited size and duration, and they pay at the end of each month based on the actual number of challenge participants and challenge days in the month.

In short, Premium is a normal monthly web product subscription, but with one big difference: Groups pay only if/when they run a challenge. With Count.It Premium, there is no annoying monthly payment for a product that is not being used.

Note: To get a live pricing estimate, and side-by-side plan comparison, please see our Premium page.


Who is it for?

Premium is great for groups that want to run a one time "event" challenge, and it's also great for groups that want to run recurring challenges, i.e. monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Some groups know they want to run one challenge, but they are not sure if they will do more. Premium is great for those groups too!

How does the pricing work?

Every month, Count.It keeps track of how many people are in a Premium group's challenge(s). After the first 10 participants, we charge $0.10 per person per day of the challenge, plus a flat fee of $9.90. The total billed at the end of the month. It's called "metered pricing," and it means you only pay for what you actually use.


A group of 25 people running a one week challenge will pay $20.40 as follows:

$9.90 flat fee + ($0.10 x 15 people x 7 days) = $20.40

This is a cost of $0.82 per user for the challenge, which is less than a quarter of the industry rate. .To estimate pricing for challenges of any size and duration, check the Price Estimator on our Premium page.

Important Notes:

  • If the Premium group in the example above never again runs a challenge with more than 10 participants, they will never again be charged.

  • Any Premium group can cancel their "subscription" at any time.

Simple vs. Fancy

Because Count.It works with organizations of very different sizes and types, we offer two flavors of Premium: Simple and Fancy. 😉

Both types of Premium client get access to all of the same platform features, and they pay the same low per user rate for their challenges. The main difference is that the Fancy plan comes with more hands on support as well as flexibility in payment options and onboarding. In exchange, there is a onetime setup fee.


The Simple plan is ideal for groups of any size that can pay with a credit card and don't want or need any extra hand-holding. Creating a Count.It challenge is designed to be DIY, and with just a little effort most challenge admins can launch a challenge in a matter of minutes without additional support.


Larger challenges, i.e. those with hundreds or thousands of participants, can require more advance planning and communications. The Count.It Fancy plan comes with access to our expert challenge managers and daily email support. We can help you structure challenge goals and rewards, manage the onboarding process, and offer guidance on pre and post challenge communications and reporting.

In addition, Premium Fancy supports a variety of alternate payment methods including invoicing, ACH, payments via health insurers, and pre-payments. Fancy is also appropriate for enterprise clients that require Count.It to move through their own vendor onboarding and vetting process. To offset the cost of this support, Fancy comes with a one time $289 setup fee.

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