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What we do, and why....
What we do, and why....

Our mission is team building.

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Count.It connects with wearable tracking devices and apps to power community fitness challenges and reinvent workplace wellness.

Count.It believes passionately that a human body is a terrible thing to waste, and is committed to using the tools of community and technology to help people and communities live more vibrant, healthy, and productive lives.

Count.It groups are formed by companies to help co-workers move more and connect more with each other, but also among the groups on Count.It are schools, churches, government agencies, non-profits, senior centers, police departments, and all manner of friends and family groups.

The typical Count.It group organizer tells us something like this:

"We want to find a healthy way to get people moving, and also connecting with each other. We thought we could do that with a fitness tracker challenge, and we're just looking for the right platform."

Anyone can download the new Count.It app, and create challenges free of charge for up to 10 people. To create larger challenges, upgrade to one of our Premium plans which are the best deal in wellness.

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