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How do I access my challenge reports?
How do I access my challenge reports?

Group Admins can download reports via the Admin Dashboard on the web

Updated over a week ago

On Count.It, Group Admins log in to their web dashboard to access challenge reports, manage group membership, assign admin privileges, and also to access their secure billing portal with payment info and billing history. To download reports, simply follow these steps:

Downloading Reports

On the web, go to Count.It, and click on the Sign In link at the top right.

  • Tap the Sign In link, and enter the email address you used to create your Count.It account.

Once verified, you will be on your admin dashboard.

  • Click on the "Reports" menu item in the left hand nav to go to your Reports page.

  • Click on the download icon for your challenge to see a list of report options. Click again to download your desired report. Smaller reports will be generated and downloaded immediately. Larger reports may take longer, and you will receive an email with click-through link to the report when it is ready.

About the Reports

In the downloaded report, you will see a table showing all challenge participants, with their team affiliation, overall challenge score, finish status or final level achieved, and points per day for the challenge.

PRO Tip: If your group has created teams, but a user does not have a team affiliation listed, it simply means they have not yet joined a team.

You can access report at any time, including prior to the end of the challenge.

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